What are my payment options?

Payment options

If you are interested in our medical courses, please check out our special subscription model:


For our non-medical courses the following pricing applies.

At Lecturio you can easily choose between the following payment options, depending on your location:

  • PayPal 

            Zahlung Paypal.png

  • Visa/MasterCard



For higher-priced lectures and courses, we also offer an option to pay the price in twelve monthly instalments. Payment via PayPal is only available if you pay the entire amount at once; payment by instalments is only possible if you pay via credit card.

Another advantage of the one-off payment: compared to paying by instalments you're saving two monthly instalments.


English_payment options.png

Note: For payment via PayPal providing a credit card is required.

Regional availability of payment options

Direct debit is only available for German and Austrian customers.

PayPal and credit card are available for international payments.

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