Can I download a lecture or parts of it?

To watch lectures offline, you can use the offline storage in our App.

Please use a WLAN connection to download videos to the offline storage.

To load lectures into your offline memory, tap on the download arrow in the top right corner, just above your lectures.

For Android users: 
Tap on the button "OFF" right next to the title of the respective lectures. It will then change to "ON" then and the download will start. After the download is concluded, a green smartphone symbol appears.

Screenshot_2015-06-04-15-06-28.png                  en2.png    

For iOS users: 

Tap on the button "plus" right next to the title of the repsective lectures. It will then change to "ON" and the download will start.After the download is concluded, a green smartphone symbol appears.


IMG_0161.PNG            en2.PNG


The lecture is now available offline. All lectures in the offline storage are marked with the green smartphone symbol, allowing you to can easily recognize them later on.

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    Pietro Mansi

    Hi ! What if i have a Mac? Once i download a lecture with my tablet, can i send the videos to my Mac? Or i can just send them to a tablet or a phone. (The point is that there are very long lectures and using a phone or even a tablet could be really unhealthy for us. And personally i don't have wifii support all the day). Thank you in advance!

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    Hello Pietro,

    Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, our apps are only available for iOS and Android devices. It is not possible to open them on the MacBook. Furthermore, the offline mode is only available though the app on your mobile device.

    If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

    Kind regards,
    Alex (Lecturio Customer Support)

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