What are my payment options for medical content?

Payment Options         

We have a special offer concerning our medical products:

Now you can get all of our medical courses in one package on lecturio.com. It includes:


You have three options to subscribe:



If you subscribe to the month-to-month option, you have to pay every month. This also allows you to unsubscribe every month. So there are no strings attached.

If you subscribe to the 3-months subscription, you have to pay every three months. This also allows you to unsubscribe every three months. 

By getting the annual payment option you only pay € 239,88 for a full year access. This means that the purchased content will be available to you for at least 12 months. After 12 months the access can be extended for another year. And you can also unsubscribe before the end of the annual term. Ultimately, the annual payment has the advantage of being cheaper than the monthly option.

Availability of Payment Options

At Lecturio you can easily choose between the following payment options, depending on your location:

  • PayPal 


  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover Card


Note: Debit cards are not accepted.

Direct debit is only available for German and Austrian customers.


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