Can I Switch from Monthly to Yearly Subscription?

If you have signed up for the monthly subscription and decide you would like a yearly subscription instead, there are two possible ways of achieving this.

The D.I.Y. Method

You can get a yearly subscription yourself by carrying out the following steps:

  • Wait until the first month of subscription has expired


For more information about payment, please see the following article:

The Quick Fix

To accelerate the process, the Lecturio Support Team can manually remove your monthly subscription so that you can purchase the yearly subscription immediately.

We then extend your access manually by an extra month to ensure you receive all the access you have purchased. These are the necessary steps:

  1. We deactivate your monthly renewal option

  2. We manually remove your access to the medical package, allowing you to purchase a new subscription

  3. You can now purchase the yearly subscription
    This can be done in a similar way to the monthly subscription. Just select the Annual option on the following page:

  4. We manually extend your access by one month after your purchase of the yearly subscription


This way, in total you will have paid for 13 months of access and will receive 13 months of access. As this involves manually removing you access to the course, we will need the your explicit permission to perform these steps.


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