What types of questions does Lecturio offer to test my skills?

On lecturio.com you will mostly find two types of questions that will both help you to track and assess your learning progress, and apply the medical knowledge you’ve already acquired

 1. Quiz questions: They are asked within each separate lecture and refer directly to its content. You will be able to answer them during the respective lecture or immediately after the lecture ends. Furthermore, an overview of all quiz questions are available at the end of each course.
They will help you memorize the content of the lecture and lay the foundation of your further learning success.

2. High-Yield Questions: These are clinical questions designed to prepare you for the USMLE. They do not require you to recall specific information from the lectures. Their goal is to test your transfer knowledge, i.e. the ability you have to apply medical knowledge to a specific clinical situation. You will find them as a separate element at the end of each course.
They will test your true understanding of the topic itself and its connection to other subjects and disciplines.

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