How can I change my payment details?

Medical Subscriptions purchased on

You can easily change your payment information by logging in to and accessing your Account Settings:

1) Go to your Account Settings

2) Click on the tab "Subscription & Bills"

3) Click on the grey and white button "Change Payment Data":

4) Update your payment information and click on "Save Now":

5) Your new payment information is now saved. It applies to all future Lecturio charges.


Medical Subscriptions purchased via App-Purchase: 

If you purchased our medical subscription from within our medicine app, you paid directly via iTunes or Google Play. All changes in your payment information must be carried out within iTunes/the Play Store. Click here for further information on how to proceed with iTunes and here for further information on how to proceed with the Play Store. 



Courses purchased on

If you want to change your payment information because, for example, your account details have changed, your registered credit card has expired, or you want to change the payment method for your course, that’s no problem at all.

 You can easily update your payment information in your personal area.

 Go to "Account Settings" and choose "My Payments".

 On the right next to the corresponding courses you will find the context menu (displayed by 3 points). Open the menu and select "Change Payment Data".

Then follow the steps to change your payment information.

The following charges will be debited from the new bank account or credit card according to the usual payment schedule.

Please note that the change of your payment information relates only to the selected course. If you have more than one course, please make sure that you change your payment information for each of your courses individually.

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